The artist's latest series of "Drum" sculptural vase.


Mould cast using a mix of clay, then hand carved and reshaped.

Finished with matt glazing to bring soft and nuanced tone in various shades.

Fired in high temperature.

Neatly signed underneath. 




Width 8.0 cm Depth 4.0 cm Height 14.5 cm (approx)

*size can slightly vary in each piece


unique piece x 2

Price is for one item only


After being cast by mould initially, each item was carefully carved by the artist's hand, and varies in form, colour and texture. Please note that no two pieces are exactly alike.

sculptural vase - small gourd

  • About the Maker

    Sakamoto Chinoko is an emerging talent in UK/Japan ceramic art scene. Straight out of London Camberwell College of Arts, she has been already exhibiting intetnationally and impressed viewers with her distinctive sculptural voice.

  • Care

    Hand wash only