Very large plate of conjoined ovals with raised edge. The form is actually in between plate and shallow bowl. Hand carved.

Made in Japan.


Whittling marks are visible and make this plate look warm and friendly with a feel of human touch.

Great as a center piece on table, as well as serving a combo meal on. It's large size would make an ideal serving plate at party.


The artist, Uda Masashi from Monom, named this popular plate "Twin". He crafts this type of plates occasionally but no two pieces are exactly same in size, color, form and the wood used.


Carefully hand carved from single piece of Japanese cherry wood by fine craftsmanship.



Length 37cm  Width 14.2 cm (approx)


Treated with plant based oil and food safe.


Natural colour


Unique piece

The spoon is not included

large Twin plates

  • About the Maker

    Uda Masashi is a woodworker who crafts tableware and home items from locally and responsibly sourced wood.  All his pieces are carefully hand carved and one of a kind.

    The pieces Uda creates are relaxed, friendly and warm. Many are designed asymmetrically, warped or round-edged, embracing irregular organic form, and make people smile. Naturally these pieces connect with the user's feeling and produce an emotional tie.

    Uda uses natural dye, including Japanese indigo, to stain wood and also combines with wax technique.  His tableware are treated with pure plants oil and food safe. Japanese cherry, walnut, chestnut are the most used variety of wood.

    Uda studied furniture design at polytechnic and worked as a stage-setter as well as furniture maker. Later he found his passion on rather smaller functional objects and set up his own studio, Monom.

    Monom is tucked in a quiet mountain village in Chichibu in Japan, where many people travel to see the maker and buy new pieces.

  • Care

    We recommend hand wash for this item. No dishwasher please.

    It is not recommendable to leave wooden item soaked in water. Let this item air dried completely after washing up with soapy water.

    Apply any oil when the wood starts to look like dry. For tableware, natural plant oil such as linseed, walnut or tung oil if available. Wipe off any excess oil after application.

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