A Great Design Idea Meets Fine Japanese Craftsmanship

Hand made from solid cherry wood.
Made in Japan by a skilled artist, Uda Masashi.

These simple triangular frames have an unlimited potential. Decorate your wall with one, or more, to form a graphic pattern. Your wall will be transformed instantly, an you can even put plants in the tube!  Arrange and rotate the triangle as you like!

Each triangle has a hole to put a glass tube in, so that it can hold water and fresh flower. The flowers in the photo images are all fresh, and glass tube is filled with water.

There is a slit that can hold a card placed on top. See the last 2 photo images.

The frame is very light, and can be hung with thin metal pins of 2.6 cm long (generic dressmaker's pins) directly pinned on plaster walls. See the pins in the photo images.

The last image shows the small wooden joint parts in different colour. These joints make triangle corners durable and also accentuate the beauty of natural solid wood. The Chocolate frames have the joints in Natural colour.

The front side of wood is not just flat but beveled as the 2nd photo image  clearly shows shadow.

All together, you will see highly skilled woodworking based on the Japanese craftsmanship.

Each frame Includes one glass tube and 2 pins.



Small - W150mm H 130mm D 20mm Weight 50g

Midium - W 250mm H 215mm D 20mm Weight 110g






Price is for one item only

Sankaku - bevelled triangular frame

Size & Colour
  • Uda Masashi

    Uda Masashi is a woodworker who crafts tableware and home items from locally responsibuly sourced wood.  All his pieces are carefully hand carved and one of a kind.

    The pieces Uda creates are relaxed, friendly and warm. Many are made in irregular form, warped or round-edged, and make people smile. They naturally connect with the user's feeling and produce an emotional tie. 

    Uda uses natural dye, including Japanese indigo, to stain wood and also combines with wax technique.  Monom's tableware are treated with pure plants oil and food safe. Japanese cherry, walnut, chestnut are the most used variety of wood.

    Uda studied furniture design at polytechnic and worked as stage setter as well as furniture maker. Later he found his passion on rather smaller functional objects and set up his own studio, Monom.

    Monom is tucked in a quiet mountain village in Chichibu in Japan, where many people travel to see the maker and buy new pieces on occasional open day.

  • Sankaku frame is treated with natural oil which could transfer on to the wall when it is new. We suggest to hang it slightly off from the wall.

    Apply any oil when the wood looks dry. For tableware, natural plant oil such as linseed, walnut or tung oil if available. Wipe off any excess after application.