Tricolour mug with sculptural handle.

Hand thrown porcelain made in Japan.

Sold separately.


A mix of three different glazings splattered like abstract art on the white mug.

Tangerine + Midnight blue+ Bronze

Tangerine is very nuanced and light.

Midnight blue blurs beautifully into different shades.

Bronze adds a touch of metalic gleam like copper.


Sculptural handle is surprisingly confortable to hold.


Material: Porcelain

Maker: Takemura Yoshinori

Color: White, Tangerine + Midnight blue+ Bronze



A Diameter 6.1cm Width 10.3cm Height 7.6cm Hold 160 ml approx 

B Diameter 6.2cm Width 11.0cm Height 7.6cm Hold 160 ml approx



Unique piece x 2


Price is for one item only.

mug - bronze tricolour slip

Option A or B
  • About the Maker

    Takemura Yoshinori's whimsical and improvisational style goes happily along with the vast variety of colour he conjures.  All his works are porcelain, which he "dresses up with glaze", focusing on "finding the right dress to fit the form". He enjoys these one-off sessions.

    Although his works seem to be totally free from any ceramic tradition in Japan, Takemura has a highly expert background of Japanese applied arts.  Before turning a full time maker, he has worked as a restorer of artefacts using various traditional techniques, including art of Japanese lacquer.
    Takemura is a graduate of Musashino Art University, and completed M.A. of Conservation and Restoration at Tokyo University of the Arts.  Based in Chiba where he grew up, he holds regular workshops, punctuated by his own exhibitions.

  • Care

    We recommend hand wash for this item.

    No microwave