tumbler by Japanese potter Ohara Koichi 大原光一


Hand thrown. Made in Japan. One-of-a-kind.

Highly acclaimed studio artist's piece.


Suitable for pen holder, cutlery stand, or serveing vegetable sticks.
Food safe. Hold 330 ml

Frost glaze - very nuanced blue green x white with a texture.
Frost-like patina with fine indentation.

The colour of the finished ceramics varies depending on the condition of each firing and where the pot was placed in a kiln.
Inside base is vitrified in green.

Frost glaze is very unique as it contains fair amount of natural sillica sand.  Sillica is similar with quartz, and a main component of glass. It is not a common material for glazing ceramics as it's melting point is very high.
The artist first had an idea of Frost glaze while he was staying in Chicago, collaborating with Theaster Gates. Later he developed it into one of his signature galazing nowhere else can be found.

Height      8.0cm   3-1/6 in approx
Diameter 8.2cm on top,  8.8cm on base   
approx 3-1/4 in on top, 3-1/2 in on base

Hold 330 ml

Frost tumbler

  • About the Maker

    Ohara Koichi is a potter based in Tokoname, Japan.
    Drawing the inspiration from raw textures in the nature, he mixes various local soils and materials to make the clay, glaze and slip, which often contain grit.

    The utility ware Ohara creates have a distinctive texture like aged patina.  
    Some pieces remind us of the washed surface of rocks, some others of artefacts excavated from the bottom of the sea. Each piece is one of a kind.

    Ohara has exhibited internationally. His tea ware and Sake ware are especially popular and sought after.
    Before becoming a ceramic artist, Ohara studied physics at Meisei University. Later he learned from the ceramic heritage in Korea and Thailand as well as from Tokoname in Japan, a renowned base for the ceramic industry and often reffered to as “the Tea Pottery".   
    In his 20 years in Tokoname, Ohara designed three wood-burning kilns (Anagama), as well as firing his works in a communal kiln.

    Ohara has embraced crossover projects and collaborated with Theaster Gates (USA) and Camille Henrot (France) respectively.

    two persimmons represents Ohara Koichi

  • Care

    No dishwasher, microwave or oven