Large hand thrown mug.   

These items are functional line of the highly acclaimed studio potter Ohara Koichi 大原光一.  Made in Japan.


Fired with the artist's signature Sabi glaze which achieved distinctive beauty of volcanic rawness. The colour varies with each piece from steel to maroon with orange hue, based on the condition of firing. All of them are full of characters, and some have heavily scorched marks. 
No two pieces are exactly alike in colour, measurements and texture. Please note that due to handmade nature, the rim of the mugs might not be perfectly circle.


Measurements: approx.

Height 9.0cm / Rim diameter  7.8 - 8.5cm / Base diameter 8.5 -9.0 cm 



Sold individually. Price is for one item only.

Sabi mug

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  • About the Maker

    Ohara Koichi is a highly acclaimed studio potter based in Tokoname, Japan. Ohara draws his inspiration from the raw textures in the nature. He mixes various local soils and materials to make his clay, glaze and slip, which often contain grit.  Ohara studied physics at Meisei University before becoming a ceramic artist.

    Read more about the artist and his works. 

  • Care

    Handle with care. This item is not dishwasher safe. Microwave and oven are not recommended.

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