A small but versatile porcelain cup.

Can be used as tea sipper / sake sipper/ shot cup


Made in Japan

Hand thrown and hand glazed by the artist

Originally made for Japanese tea or sake cup, but it is simply a beautiful collectible art object itself.
The outside colour is a combination of thinly glazed turquoise and completely matte pink. The inside is matte pink.


Glazed with the artist's original glazing. It is rare to see these subtle colours on fine ceramics as they are not easy to achieve or reproduce.


Measurements: approx. φ 5.7 cm  Height 5.2 cm

Material: Porcelain

Color: matte pink, turquoise

Quantity: unique piece

Artist: Takemura Yoshinori


*Price is for one item only. Sold individually.

tea sipper - pink x turquoise

  • Every ceramicist is a sort of chemist, but Takemura Yoshinori is also an alchemist.  His whimsical and improvisational style goes happily along with the vast variety of colours he conjures. More than 60 distinctive glazing colours are up his sleeve.
    All his pieces are porcelain, which he "dresses up with glaze", focusing on "finding the right outfit to match each form".  He enjoys these one-off sessions. Naturally, each piece is unique and one of a kind.

    Although Takemura's works seem to be totally free from any ceramic tradition, he has a highly expert background in Japanese applied arts.  Before turning to full time making, Takemura had worked as a restorer of artefacts using historical techniques, including the art of Japanese lacquer (Kintsugi).

    Takemura is a graduate of Musashino Art University, and went on to complete a master's degree in Conservation and Restoration at Tokyo University of the Arts.  Based in Chiba where he grew up, he holds regular workshops, punctuated by his own exhibitions at both domestic and overseas galleries.

  • Hand wash only please