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 two persimmons is an online gallery store based in Japan and in England. 

We are here to introduce curated lifestyle items made by the artists from Japan and beyond. Read more...

Grungy Paper

Washi is the word for handmade Japanese paper. Our Journals are not only beautifully decorated but finely bound in the 4 hole Japanese style. Made of Washi including all the blank 60 pages.


We are delighted to represent Sugimoto Sanae, whose understated, yet highly poetic drawings evoke imagination and  narrative to the viewers. Her Evening Kingdom jigsaw puzzle is available here.


Grungy Paper

The pieces Uda Masashi creates are relaxed, friendly and warm, often round-edged or warped, and make people smile. They naturally produce an organic relationship and emotional tie with the users.  Some are dyed with natural dye, including Japanese indigo....

Grungy Paper

Beautiful tools make your small moments shine. If you don't have anyone who sweeps the floor for you, why not give yourself a little feel-good factor by using a very well made broom.