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About Us

Thank you for finding us.  two persimmons is an online gallery founded by Sachiko Smith, based in Japan and in England.  We are here to introduce curated lifestyle items made by the artists from Japan and beyond.

Sachiko's background as design journalist allowed her to travel and meet many talented artists around the globe, and nourished her love of beautiful objects made by hand with brave creative minds and fine craftsmanship.
Japanese contemporary crafts show an extraordinary balance between centuries old aesthetics and a practical sense of purpose. The underlying idea embodied in each handcrafted piece is that true beauty dwells in the objects organically developed and adopted in people's lives.
two persimmons' focus is on the lifestyle with functional art, which bridges the boundary between practical utility ware and objet d'art. Some of our items might seem to be too delicate to use every day. But they are powerful enough to hold your emotion indefinitely. People won't throw away items with emotional value so easily.
We also offer a limited range of graphic and sculptural artworks, hoping they can form a meaningful bridge between utility and artistic lifestyle, and complement our vision of functional art.
Most of our items are made by independent artists and are one of a kind. Some items are small-batch studio productions by designer makers. They all reflect the makers' thought rather than the demands of a mass-market.
We are roaming the digital universe at the moment, looking for the right space-time and planet to land on.

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