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*Next Pop-Up ​
08 June Sat. 2024 10:00- 16:00
Mini Made at Atelier Beside the Sea, Brighton, UK

17 -23 June 2024 11:00 - 18:00
Gallery 40, Gloucester Rd. Brighton, UK

*Update - April 2024
Due to the global logistic circumstances, we split our stock in the UK and in Japan. 
​Most items are stocked in the UK.

The following items are currently stocked in Japan only. 
long broom 125cm 
wooden stool 

*Our typical (not guaranteed) timescales of UK stock items from order date to delivery date are as follows.

​UK - 5 working days,
Europe - 7 working days
North America - 12 working days
Japan and East Asia - 15 working days 

*EU customers will be required to pay the Customs charge by the local authority or delivery service before receiving the parcel. Please note if the Customs charge not being paid by the recipient, we can not be responsible for the return or refund of the order unfortunately.

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