Ohara Koichi

Ohara Koichi is a master potter based in Tokoname, Japan. Drawing his inspiration from the raw textures in the nature, he mixes various local soils and materials to make his clay, glaze and slip, which often contain grit. His utility wares have a distinctive texture like aged patina.  Some pieces remind us of the washed surface of rocks, some others of artefacts excavated from the bottom of the sea. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Ohara studied physics at Meisei University before becoming a ceramic artist. He learned from the ceramic heritage in Korea and Thailand as well as from Tokoname in Japan, a renowned base of ceramic industry and often refered to as “the Teapottery". 
In 20 years in Tokoname, he has designed three wood-burning kilns (Anagama), and also fired his works in one of them.

Ohara taught throwing to contemporary aritist Theaster Gates (USA), and collaborated for his art projects. Another muti-disciplinary artist Ohara worked with is Camille Henrot (France) . 

Please inquire two persimmons about commissions and collaborations with the artist.