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Perfect Imperfection / Kitayama Eita's Works 3

I sometimes wonder why so many artists now draw on the idea of imperfection to define their work, very often linking it to the 'Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi’. Actually, this concept is sweeping across the craft world globally, with Japan probably the only exception. Is that because there is still such momentum towards perfection that the artists find it novel to embrace imperfection? What is the border between imperfection and deviation from certain styles? It is a convenient yet tricky word to use.

Naturally, imperfection is defined by its distance from perfection. Kitayama’s perfectionism is always clear and that is where his imperfection speaks out its story.

Imperfection can be emphasized when it is beautifully presented. Perhaps many people would agree that it only has value when it adds a certain beauty or awareness to an otherwise perfect version of the same object.

The oval platter in the photo has a small crack that is reinforced with golden brass staples. How did this crack manage to appear in the ‘perfect’ part of this piece, I wonder.

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