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Sugimoto Sanae

Light In December

Presented by two persimmons 2023

Light In December is a collection of new original artworks by Sugimoto Sanae, exhibited at Pop Up two persimmons in Brighton UK in Dec 2023.  Due to high demand, max number of artworks per purchase/customer is limited to one. If a customer made a purchase of second artwork by accident, we will refund the fee of second artwork, deducting small fee of transaction. Thank you.

All artworks here are original drawings created in 2023

Pen and Japanese calligraphy ink on brown paper

Signed and dated  (not shown on some of the images)


杉本さなえ新作 Light In December

原画 ペンと墨汁 2023年制作






Copyright 2023 Sugimoto Sanae / two persimmons All rights reserved


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