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Raised at the foot of deep mountains in western Japan, Kitayama Eita is a wood artist who crafts breathtakingly beautiful tableware.
After spending many years for architectural and building works, he has found his passion in wood turning. Although it was relatively new skill to him and mostly self-taught, he has quickly developed his distinctive style.

Drawing on vintage French tableware, which Kitayama has been collecting for years, he carefully translates the energy and soul of natural wood into utility objects. Naturally his items often feature or are build around the characters of each piece of wood such as knobs, splits and spalted marks. This brings an interesting effect when embodied in the almost perfectly turned classic forms of the vessels.

It is important for him that his works are both functional and aesthetically special. Botanical dyes on the wood and a liquid glass finish were his answers to achieve this synthesis of style and purpose. Kitayama’s tableware pieces are all food safe, organic, and surprisingly maintenance free.

Kitayama has recently found a new home in the northeastern Japanese town of Miyagi, another location in the midst of mountains, where he can find local wood in a sustainable way.

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