This plate is made as functional ware to serve food.

It is also large and sturdy enough to be used as serving platter or tray. Alternatively, simply great to look at as beautiful object.


Made in Japan

Hand turned from single piece of maple wood

Botanically dyed with pomegranate

Liquid glass finish - front and back


Rimmed in approx 5.0cm width and slightly edged with a great precision.

Beautiful charcoal-graphite colour comes from pomegranate extract and iron dioxide. It changes its shade and depth at an angle, showing the unique qualities of the grain and curvature of the wood.

The artist is a keen collector of old pewter ware. With this plate, the artist further explored the beauty of aged pewter by using wood.


Treated with liquid glass, which not only makes it food safe and free from oil stains, but also that it will retain its colour for many years and is maintenance free, water resistant, and unlikely to decay.  

Liquid glass is a relatively new nano-technology coating formula using exactly the same materials used in glass. 

Measurements: approx

Diameter 29.5 cm  Height 2.0 cm 


Material: maple wood

Quantity: unique piece x 5

Artist: Kitayama Eita

Sold separately. Price is for one item only

Hand turned wooden plate

PriceFrom £128.00
  • About the Artist

    Kitayama Eita is a wood artist based in Miyagi, Japan. Learn more about the artist here. And if you are interested, read blog posts about his works.

  • Care

    After serving food, wash this item by hand with warm soapy water and sponge.

    Wipe off any water from the surface and leave it air dried before storing. 

    No dishwasher or microwave please.