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Beautiful heirloom broom. 

Made in Japan by skilled artisan.


Measurements: approx

Length 110 cm/ 44" in total from the end to end (stick + bristles)

Width 22cm / 9"

Depth 6cm / 2 "

Diagonal cut on the end of bristles


Shuro (Japanese Hemp Palm tree) fibre

+ mottled dark bamboo stick ( this is more valued than normal yellowish ones)

+ copper wire

+ decorative maroon cord.


These brooms are made of only carefully selected best quality fibres. They are skillfully sorted and bundled into rolls, then wrapped tightly with copper wire by fine craftsmanship. There are a few other shuro broom makers still active in Japan, but please note that we stock only top of the range items.


Shuro bark has thick layers of fibre, and has been used in many ways such as brushes, ropes, nets, marine fittings and thatching roofs, dating back several hundreds years. Shuro fibre is very flexible yet highily durable and long lasting. Each string of fibre is thin, soft, elastic and catches dust well, so it is ideal to sweep a tricky corner of the room.

The plant oil contained in fibre would help give natural glow on the floor, which is one of the reasons the Japanese people used shuro brooms to sweep tatami mats. Also it is free from static electricity unlike nylon brooms. Shuro fibre resists water very well, which made this tool even more useful for daily household chores in kitchen and bathroom, and after many years, in garden as well. This broom is meant to be used for 10 - 15 years.


The maker, Koji Nakamura, learned this vernacular method of broom making from his grandfather. That was the life in the mountain area where he grew up and lives, and hunts wild animals as a seasonal profession. To make very best of the kind, Nakamura carefully selects shuro fibre so that his brooms can be durable and last longer, as well as paying a detailed attention to make them both functional and beautiful.


Due to it's handmade nature, the exact size of each product slightly varies.

two persimmons is the exclusive stockist of Nakammura's brooms in Europe.


Tips: Scatter used tea leaves on the floor and sweep them along with dust. It is a clever way to sweep and mop the floor at once!


Japanese artisan palm broom -110cm/ 44"

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  • Care

    We recommend to avoid storing this item under direct sunlight.

    When it is new, dust from palm bark would fall onto floor. It will be gone after a couple of times' sweeping.

    The best stored without touching the floor. Ideally hung by the loop attached to the handle to retain the bristles' shape.

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    Nakamura Koji Click to learn more.