The artist's latest series of ceramic sculptural vase.

With this piece, Moon Flask architype of Asian ceramic tradition is happily married with geometry of the Western modern art.


Mould cast using a mix of clay, then hand carved and reshaped.

Finished with matte glazing to bring soft and nuanced tone in various shades.

Fired in high temperature.

Neatly signed underneath. 




Width 13.0 cm Depth 5.0 cm Height 21.0 cm (approx)

*size can slightly vary in each piece


unique piece x 2

Price is for one item only


After being cast by mould initially, each item was carefully carved by the artist's hand, and varies in form, colour and texture. Please note that no two pieces are exactly alike.

sculptural vase - Moon Flask

  • About the Maker

    Sakamoto Chinoko is a ceramic artist with a strong focus on clay sculpture.

    Most of Sakamoto's sculptural vases and objects feature beauty in the natural world with an abstract twist, showing a tuneful marriage between free organic form and modernist geometry.
    Straight after completing BA (Hons) Sculpture from Camberwell  (University of the Arts London), Sakamoto's unique visual voice has traveled internationally; US, Japan, UK, and France have seen the up-and-comer's recent exhibitions.

    Although London has a special place in Sakamoto's study and carrier, she has recently moved back to her hometown in Nagasaki, Japan.

  • Care

    Hand wash only